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Educational offerings

As far as pedagogical activity is concerned, the Museum uses the theory of pedagogy of remembrance and educational practice of the State Museum at Majdanek. The aim of the activities undertaken within the framework of historical education is to enable the visitors to learn about the mechanisms of crime as well as social and political circumstances that influenced the Nazi plan to exterminate Jews.

One of the elements of the classes offered by the Museum is reflection not only on the past but also contemporary issues connected with discrimination, intolerance or racial and cultural hatred. The pedagogical activities of the Museum – Memorial Site in Bełżec are directed at wide audience.

Museum lessons

(duration: 3-3,5 hours; groups up to 30 people; cost: in Polish - PLN 150, in foreign languages - PLN 300)

Museum lessons are an extracurricular form of historical education. The subjects of the lessons concern the history of the camp in Bełżec, the background of the extermination of Jews, and the issues connected with Jewish history and culture.

Currently available museum lessons for international exchange participants:

  • From Exclusion to the Extermination - the fate of Polish Jews on the example of Rudolf Reder and Mila Sandberg (English and German languages)
  • The Nazi German extermination camp in Bełżec in the accounts of survivors Rudolf Reder and Chaim Hirszman (English and German languages)

Study stays

(duration: 4-5 hours; groups: up to 30 people; cost: in Polish - PLN 200, in foreign languages - PLN 400)

This form of classes is directed mainly at upper secondary and university students. During their stay, the students are taken care of by a museum employee and visit the area of the former camp and the buildings in the Bełżec Municipality connected with the history of the camp. The participants also get acquainted with the historical exhibition and the symbolism of commemoration. They also take part in one of the museum lessons or discuss a problem that has been previously chosen by their teacher.

Historical workshops

(duration: 2-4 days; groups: up to 30 people; cost: in Polish - PLN 250, in foreign languages - PLN 500)

The classes are adapted to the interests, expectations and perception capabilities of school students, who actively discover and learn about the history of the Holocaust by using archival documents and witnesses’ accounts.

Educational seminars for teachers

(duration: 1-2 days; groups: up to 25 people)

They are directed mainly at humanities teachers. Their aim is to familiarize the participants with the museum methodology and didactics. The programmes of the seminars include looking at the historical exhibition from the methodological point of view as well as hearing lectures on the Holocaust and the theory of education at memorial sites. They also include workshops devoted to preparing the scenarios of the projects carried out within the framework of extracurricular historical education.

Traineeship and practice

They are directed at university students and graduates who are interested in getting acquainted with the work and functions of memorial sites and gaining job experience in a museum.