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Recommendations for Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust

An update to the IHRA’s original guidelines for teaching about the Holocaust, these refreshed Recommendations contribute to an ongoing conversation between academics, policymakers, practitioners and wider society about the relevance and importance of teaching and learning about the Holocaust today. The Recommendations are intended to provide a basis for policy makers, practitioners, and educators that will help them:

1. Develop their knowledge of the Holocaust, ensuring accuracy in individual understanding and knowledge and raising awareness about the possible consequences of antisemitism;
2. Create engaging teaching environments for learning about the Holocaust;
3. Promote critical and reflective thinking about the Holocaust including the ability to counter Holocaust denial and distortion;
4. Contribute to Human Rights and genocide prevention education.

Download the full IHRA Recommendations for Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust here.

*Cover image: Participants at Salzburg Global Seminar’s Holocaust Education and Genocide Prevention Session discuss IHRA teaching guidelines in 2015. Credit: Salzburg Global Seminar