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"Holocaust Testimonies" - perfume bottles

Perfume bottles

The life of the SS-men in the town of Bełżec and in the evil place itself went on without the participation of women. […] The work was done exclusively by men. That is how it was until October. In October, a transport of Czech Jewish women arrived from Zamość. There were several dozen women whose husbands worked in the death crew. A decision had been made to keep several dozen women from the transport. Forty were assigned to work in the kitchen, laundry and stitching workshop. They were not allowed any contact with men. […] I don’t know what became of them. They surely shared the common fate. These were all educated women. They’d arrived with luggage. […] Like us, they’d not had their own clothing taken away or been given striped uniforms. […] Straight from the freight cars, dressed with unshaven heads, the women were sent to the workshops and to the kitchen. Through the windows of the kitchen and the stitching shop, every day they watched the death transport arriving…

R. Reder, Belzec, Kraków 1946

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