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Lila Lam-Nowakowska on life in the ghetto

Interview conducted in May 2004. It's part of story about the live in Stanisławów ghetto.

Lila Lam Nowakowska was born on November 24, 1924, in Stanisławów, Poland (today Ivano Frankivsk Ukraine), daughter of Michał and Dorota Lam. She was raised in a wealthy, assimilated Jewish family. In 1939, when she was 15, the Second World War broke out. From fall 1939 till Summer 1941 Stanisławów was occupied by USSR.
During the German occupation, she was in the Stanisławów ghetto. She escapes to the “Aryan” side in August 1942. Her new Aryan name was Leska Leonora. She lived in Warsaw until the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. She was sent to the transit camp of Pruszków, and from there to Mauthausen, and to a labour camp in Linz. She was liberated in Znaim (Czech Republic) by the Soviets in May 1945.
She survived the war only with her mother. The brother was denounced in Warsaw, and the father most probably was murdered in Bełżec in the spring of 1942.