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The newest book on the museums in post-camp memorial sites

Articles by historians, art historians, culture experts, sociologists and museum pedagogues from Poland, Germany and Austria are included in the newest publication issued by the State Museum at Majdanek.

The book called „Muzea w poobozowych miejscach pamięci. Tożsamość, znaczenia, funkcje” [Museums in post-camp memorial sites. Identity, meaning, functions], edited by Tomasz Kranz, is an attempt to determine the social importance of the museums-memorial sites established on the grounds of the former camps and to analyze their presence in the public space. In the Introduction by Tomasz Kranz can be read that: “[t]hey are areas which facilitate direct (sensual) and indirect (cultural) experiencing history. They are historical sites having various political meaning and with various recognizability. Nevertheless, the majority of them are claimed to be important memorial sites where it is possible to meet and touch the past which has a special meaning for European memory in individual and collective dimensions.”